3 Key Areas for the Best Bathroom Organization

Is your bathroom unorganized and cluttered?  It is a small space and it often doesn’t take long for it to look messy.  It can be quite simple to change this common problem and keep your bathroom looking good.

Before doing anything, step back and cast a critical eye over the room.  Look for wasted space, particularly corners, and any unused cupboards or shelves.

Here’s the 3 key areas to consider for the best bathroom organization.

Under The Sink

This is a common wasted area that can be often be better utilized.

Do you have a lot of empty space down there? You could try adding a shelf or two to better organize it and not have to stack everything on top of each other.

Take some measurements and decide just how high you need the space to be on the bottom for cleaning supplies, toilet paper or anything else stored there.

You have two choices – install a shelf or buy a small set of pre-made shelves/drawers to go under the sink.

If you are going to install a shelf yourself, take all the appropriate measurements.  There are places that will cut the shelving for you and recommend the right mounting supplies.  Find one in your local area and get to work.

You will still need to take some measurements if you are going to buy a small set of shelves.  Record the size of the space and note the height of the shelf/shelves you will need.

There are plenty of great pre-made options including sliding baskets and drawers that might be suitable.  Get some small drawers and stack them on one side.  You can put your soaps and small items in them, even your extra wash cloths and hand towels will fit in these drawers.

Shelves that stack on top of each other are also a good option for this space. You can make space to store nice towels and other bathroom accessories. You can store items of different sizes and in most cases also keep them out of site.

Organize Your Counter Space

The counter space around the sink is another area that often gets cluttered.

It can be organized by just placing a nice basket or tray in one corner and laying that loose hair brush with the comb in it. You can place your room deodorizer and liquid hand soap in it too.

Everything is all in one corner now and all you have to do is reach for it without going through everything to find them.

Bathroom Organization

Bathtub And Shower Organization

Organizing your tub and shower area is a breeze as well. There are plenty of fixtures available that will hold shower toiletries like soap, hair shampoo and conditioner.

Hang a shower caddy over the showerhead and put your razor along with shaving cream, shampoo and conditioner, shower gel in it. This keeps them in a handy to reach area and off the shower floor or the edge of your tub. Your bar soap can dry easier with the holes letting air to it so the bar isn’t lying in water and wasting it.

You can also get corner shelves that have suction cups to stick on the wall in the corner of the shower. These are nice and give more places to put things. Hang a shower mirror in the shower to make it easy for that man of yours to shave and shower all the same time.

Your sink is all organized with more space and you can find everything under there now. The counter top is sorted and you can take a shower or bath without having to worry of slipping on the soap when you get in or out.

Enjoy your organized bathroom.