Bathroom Rugs – What to Look out for When Buying

With so many different types of bathroom rugs to choose from, you can alter the look of your bathroom with one simple purchase.

Before buying however, first decide what size, what color and what textures you would like for your rub.  These are the 3 main considerations to ensure you get the right rug for your bathroom.

When it comes to size, you might want a small rug to place in front of the toilet or tub/shower, or one to cover the entire floor area.  You might even want a couple of smaller rugs to position around the bathroom and add a few different accents.  Before buying, make sure to measure the area you will cover and establish what shapes would work best.


Bathroom rug


Once you have established the size of your rug, start to think about what color to purchase. You can choose colors that will match with your paint scheme, colors that are light or bright to make the room look bigger, or just simply a color that you like.

Rugs are a great way to add colorful accents to your bathroom and co-ordinate with accessories.

Be aware that darker colors, although they don’t show as much dirt or wear, may make the room appear smaller than it actually is.

No it’s time to choose from the many different materials and types of rugs available. Anything from short shag to braided materials will be available to you. Most rugs designed to go in the bathroom are lined on the bottom with a rubber like material. This keeps the rug from slipping out of place, an important safety feature.

A bathroom rug is not only decorative, but functional, particularly when stepping out of the shower or tub. Getting out of a shower or tub with wet feet can be dangerous and exposes you to the chances of slipping or falling.  Plus, eventually the water can damage the flooring in the bathroom.

Please keep this in mind when choosing a rug.  If you will be stepping on it with wet feet and it is likely to receive substantial amounts of water, ensure you get one that is suitable.

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to redecorate your bathroom, changing the rug is a great move. And if you tire easily of the looks of your bathroom, changing a bathroom rug occasionally is an inexpensive way to keep the room looking sharp and fresh.

For example, if you wish, you could change the color of the rug with the change of seasons—lighter colors during the spring and summer months and warmer, dark colors during fall and winter.  Or you can place a decorative rug in the bathroom to celebrate the holidays.

Whatever your choice, the simple change of a bathroom rug can put a new look into your bathroom.

Get the Perfect Look with the Right Bathroom Mirrors for You

There are many popular color schemes when it comes to bathrooms.  White and bright is a popular classic that allows accents to create a different look and feel.

Another popular choice is boldly colored painted walls, patterned ceramic floor tiles and the addition of  white pottery accents to create the perfect drama.

Regardless of the color scheme you choose, one important addition to any bathroom is bathroom mirrors.  They are one of the primary elements of any bathroom decor simply because they can completely change the look of the bathroom.  Mirrors play a big role in how both natural and artificial light are reflected in the bathroom.

So when it comes to choosing a bathroom mirror it is important to consider the options available to get the look you are after.  Below we will take a look at these considerations.

What Is The Look of Your Bathroom

Before choosing your mirror, or redesigning the bathroom, consider what type of look you want.  Is it traditional or contemporary?

Traditional, Victorian style bathrooms were often built with heavy layers of dark wood types throughout the decor.  This included wood framed mirrors.

Today’s contemporary styles of bathroom furnishings offer similar design concepts, but with a much softer look. Bathroom mirrors are lightly capped with various wood textures and tones and wood bath panels are added to step up the design elements as an extension of tradition.

Consider the Size 

Selecting the right wall mirror is also determined not only by the size of your bathroom, but also on the size of the bathroom vanity.  Bathroom mirrors should never extend beyond the vanity as it will create an unbalanced look.

Bathroom Mirrors

The ideal wall mirror for bathrooms with double basins, are rectangular wall-to-wall mirrors.  This helps to enhance natural lighting and give the appearance of space.

White Always Works

Solid white bathroom suites are a way of adequately diffusing light for an airy feeling.  When the light is reflected off of white bathroom furnishing the illusion of space is instantly created.

All white pottery bathroom suites give your bathroom a cohesive look, but more importantly set the stage for the induction of color.  Warm hues of reds, blues or greens can be added to as accents in towels, rugs and other decor.  Solid colored tile accents or tiles with a motif inlay can be used to create a beautiful contrast as well.

Starting with a white design base is always a great choice for bathrooms.  From there you can create varying looks for the bathroom with a few simple changes.

Modern Bathroom Mirrors

Modern bathrooms often feature frame less bathroom mirrors with inset lighting that offer ultra modern ambiance. Achieving a modern look with circular or square mirrors is the perfect solution for intricate modern designs.

You can hang his and her matching wall mirrors with an overhanging light feature.  This will increase the amount of light in the bathroom but be careful not to exceed the length of either the floor mounted or wall mounted basin furniture.  These types of mirrors help create a sophisticated modern expression especially for more complex bathroom remodeling projects.

For even more dramatic results, try some different placements for wall mirrors with built in lighting. Ideas include installing them inside shower enclosures and in and around the bathing area to create a shaving area for the males in your home.  This will enhance the functionality of the mirror while also giving extra light.

With today’s bathroom suppliers carry a number of bathroom mirror designs, styles and sizes, creating a look you love around mirrors and lighting is easy.  Try some of the ideas above and get creative.

3 Tropical Decor Ideas That Will Make Your Bathroom Paradise

Tropical Bathroom Canopy


If you are yearning for a tropical getaway, then why not try bringing the tropics to you. This is easy to do by designing a tropical bathroom you can enjoy everyday, not just once a year.

The bathroom is a small enough area to create a cozy, island view. Plus, it’s also a room used daily to relax and start or finish the day.

Here are some ideas on how you can turn your bathroom into a tropical paradise.

Create A Canopy

The best place to put a canopy is over the bathtub or shower. Start by measuring the bathtub or shower for the length of material that you will need to use.

Tropical Bathroom Canopy

Buy some very lightweight material, either white or off-white, for your canopy. Once you have cut the material (don’t worry about a hem at the bottom), get a hammer and some light tacks or small nails so you don’t tear the material.

Next, start at one corner of the bathtub and fold the side of the material to create about a quarter-inch thick area to tack to the ceiling or wall. You can decide just how far up your canopy goes.

Then, allow part of the material to drape a little, creating a relaxed atmosphere, and do the same kind of fold and tack on the opposite side of the tub or shower. Allow the material to hang to the ground around the tub.

Now, it’s time to dress the canopy up a little. You can either get some fake tropical flowers to pin back the sides of your new canopy or look for some other tropical material to use as a tie.

Top it off with some strands of ivy or palm leaves around the top of the canopy to finish the theme. And if your material is a bit frayed at the bottom, don’t worry. That’s all part of the look.

The simple decorative technique will create a unique and tropical feel to your bathroom right away.

Add Tropical Greenery

Depending on the size of your bathroom, try adding some tropical greenery to add to the theme. Try placing a few palm trees and ferns (nothing too big) around the room or some other smaller greenery.

The greenery can be real or fake, whatever is easiest to access and maintain. If you decide to go with some fake plants, look for them in at any local discount shop. By going with fake, you take out all the upkeep of watering and clipping. But real plants have more appeal as they always look better and will help to complete the tropical look.

Ivy plants are ideal for bathrooms as they thrive on moisture, are cheap to buy, and don’t require any direct sunlight. You can also purchase strands of fake ivy or palm to top off your canopies or line the top corners of your bath to help create more greenery without using up space.

Be careful not to clutter your bathroom too much though. If there is too much decoration, it will defeat the purpose of buying the plants in the first place.

Tropical Decorations

Look out for some smaller, tropical themed items to display around your bathroom. These will help to finish off your tropical theme. You don’t have to go overboard. Look for a few decorative towels, bath mats, soap holders, and a few inexpensive prints.

Use these few tips on creating a tropical paradise in your bathroom to get the creative juices flowing. In no time you will have created your own tropical paradise right in your own home to enjoy every day.

Happy decorating!