The Best Design Ideas with Tiles for a Beautiful Bathroom

Bathroom tiles set the tone for this important space in your home. Creating a mood with bathroom tiles can lend a unique character to your bathroom.

No bathroom is complete without nice floor tiles that compliment the fittings and fixtures. A dynamic pattern on your bathroom floor or a contrasting wall color can really set the tone of your bathroom.

These days bathrooms aren’t limited to tiles that are plain white, square shapes, and glazed ceramic finishes. Today, there hundreds of different styles, colors, sizes when it comes to finding the perfect bathroom tile.

Plus, the materials are no longer limited to ceramic. You get tiles in travertine, sandstone, marble and granite to name a few.

Get Creative

Tiles can be pieced together to create a unique, striking, and eye-catching design either on the floor or on the wall of your bathroom. One option is to cover the entire wall from floor to ceiling with both the same type of tile as well as same color.

Bathroom Tiles

Or you can create a completely different effect by mixing it up and having one color of tile at the bottom of the wall and a different (contrast) on the top of the same wall.  The colors can then be separated by thin and textured pieces that work as a chair rail clearly distinguishing between the two types of tiles used.

Your imagination is the only limitation when it comes to using bathroom tiles in your design.

Although there are other options, ceramic is the preferred material for bathroom floor tiles.  It is durable, offers resistance to dampness, and is non-slippery to walk on and use when wet. It is also easy to clean and stains can be removed with lesser effort.

Of course, this does not mean that other materials aren’t user-friendly or durable. You can select tiles in the materials of your choice, but check with the salesperson on durability and life.

Ways To Use Bathroom Tiles

Below is a list of bathroom tile ideas than can help you when designing your bathroom. These different uses for tiles will help you create an interesting and unique look.

Solid Color Tiles

Floor tiles in solid colors can help create a warm ambience. You can use tile borders in contrasting colors to the floor tile or create a pattern using two or more differently colored tiles. The visual impact will be unique and interesting.

Different Tile Sizes

Try to use colored tiles for floors and walls in different sizes or lay them diagonally to create unique patterns.

Contrasting Grout Color

Using contrasting grout color with ceramic floor tiles looks very interesting. For example, you could use white tiles then use grout in red, blue, or yellow color for contrast. Do not forget to apply sealers to grout lines in heavy traffic areas to protect and preserve the color of the grout.

Using Your Favorite Tile Color

If your favorite bathroom tile color is blue, you can consider adding some blue decorative tiles on the walls or use different shapes/textures to make the composition visually appeal.

Contemporary, Chic Look

Use bold and bright colors with graphics against plain backgrounds. Add contemporary and sleek styled accessories and enjoy the chic look!

Turn Up the Love Feel

Add a touch of romance to your bathroom with floral tiles in pastel or soft shades such as pink, light blue, light green.  To complement the look use hand painted sinks and maybe get a wooden floor to complete.

The Mediterranean Look

A mix of terracotta tiles and Mexican or Spanish hand-painted tiles for the floors will create the trendy Mediterranean look.

The Importance of Color

The important thing when designing your bathroom is to pay attention to the bathroom tile colors because colors affect your mood.  It has the ability to create a warm, cold, or intimate ambience in the space.

If you like bright colors then peach and yellow could be the colors for you. These warm colors make your bathroom feel cozy.

Using neutral colors like beige, white, or similar colors to make the area look large and reflect color. Blues, greens, and violets are serene or cool colors, while reds, oranges, purples add a touch of drama to the bathroom as well as absorb light making the area look smaller.

Have fun shopping for your bathroom tiles. You can also browse bathroom tiles online. Remember to choose tiles that suit your individual tastes and are practical.  Don’t give in to trends, though you can always look at them for inspiration!

A Guide to the Types of Showers You Can Choose for Your Bathroom

If you are thinking about changing your shower you may well have looked around a few bathroom shops and realized there is quite a number of choices you have.

Even choosing a shower valve can be a confusing business so here’s a guide to the different types of showers available.

Manual Shower Valves

This is the most basic type of shower valve. Most manual showers have a single lever control used to control the flow of the water and the temperature. They are very simple to use and usually are not expensive.

Thermostatic Shower Valves

The great advantage of a thermostatic shower valve is it can provide a constant, even temperature.  It can also cope with fluctuations in the flow and temperature of the hot and cold water feeds.

Most thermostatic valves have extra anti-scald safety features and will cut off the flow of water if the cold water supply fails.

Concealed and Exposed Valves

Concealed or exposed refers to the way the shower valve is mounted on the wall. A concealed shower valve is built into the shower wall so that most of the valve is hidden and only the control levers are visible.

An exposed valve is mounted onto the shower wall so that the whole mechanism is visible. Many shower valves can be mounted either way.

Twin Shower Valves

Unlike a single lever valve, a twin valve has two controls.  One control for the rate of water flow and a second control for the water temperature.

Types of showerTriple Shower Valves

A triple valve has three controls – one for the water flow, one for the temperature and a third which is usually a diverter.

The diverter is useful if you have two shower heads. It’s becoming more common to have a fixed shower head above the shower and a hand-held shower head as well. The diverter on a triple shower valve allows you to select which shower head water is fed to.

Sequential Shower Valves

A sequential valve has a single lever that works rather like the knob on your cooker. When the lever is fully anti-clockwise the shower is off. As you rotate the lever it turns the shower turns on.

With a sequential valve it means the water is fully on so you have full pressure straight away. As you rotate the lever further you increase the temperature of the water.

Shower Panels

A recent newcomer is the shower panel or shower tower. This is a single unit that contains everything you need for a sensational shower. Specifications vary but usually include a shower valve (often thermostatic), a diverter, a fixed shower head, a hand held shower and several body jets.

Shower panels are easy to install but can require quite high water pressure to work well so you may want to install a shower pump as well.

Customized Showers

These days, shower components are standardized enough that you can pretty much pick and choose the parts you want to create the shower of your dreams.

You can choose from hundreds of shower valves, diverters and stop valves, have multiple heads, ceiling mounted heads, riser rails, rigid risers or body jets to build exactly the shower you want, individual and customized to your own needs. After all, how else will you get a shower with 16 jets and a 12 inch shower heads?

Electric Showers

Electric showers heat the water as it passes through the shower so they only need a cold water supply.  This means you have simpler plumbing and don’t need any hot water to run them. Electric showers are particularly popular in en-suites.

Power Showers

A power shower is basically a shower with a built in pump. A power shower needs both hot and cold water supplies. It doesn’t heat the water but pumps it through at increased water pressure, giving you a stronger shower. Power showers are ideal if you have low water pressure.

When choosing your next type of bathroom shower, consider the options above and get the right one for your needs.  There is something to suit every bathroom.

How to Choose A Bathroom Vanity For A New Look

Antique Style Bathroom Vanity


Changing your bathroom vanity is a quick, easy way to give your bathroom a new lease of life. They come in a big range of colors, styles, sizes and finishes offering plenty of choice.

Whether your bathroom is a bit outdated or just needs a fresh look, adding a new vanity unit will be an instant transformation. It will immediately change the look and feel of the bathroom giving it a new revitalized feel.

And the good news is, it doesn’t take long to install a new bathroom vanity. They are easy enough to install in one day making it the fastest hassle-free renovation option ever.

Choosing A Vanity Design

With so many designs available for bathroom vanities, you will be able to find something that suits your existing bathroom.

Antique Style Bathroom Vanity

If you are after an antique style, choose from decorative accents and intricate features. These are perfect for blending with rustic or period bathroom decor.

In contrast, contemporary bathroom vanities with a sleek, modern appearance can look great in a more modern home.

Apart from how your vanity looks, remember it is going to be used on a daily basis. It must be functional and practical as well as beautiful and be able to stand up to spills and splashes. Look for durability, water resistance and an easy to clean finish.

How Much Storage Space

Another important consideration is how much storage space is required.

Most bathroom vanities offer some sort of storage option. There is usually a combination of large cabinet compartments and smaller drawers for things like makeup, hairbrushes, first aid items etc. These are items that need to be accessed easily so make sure the storage options suit your needs.

If most of these items are currently sitting on your old vanity, then buying a new one with a built in bathroom cabinet is a great opportunity to de-clutter. Get your toiletries and cosmetics safely stored away and out of site. This alone will instantly improve the appearance of your bathroom.

Many vanities can have matching accessories, such as mirrors and lights. If you decide to get these as well, it will give a great coordinated look to your bathroom.

Don’t forget the small details of the vanity such as the finish and style of your faucets, cabinet and drawer handles. These can make a big difference to the end result.

Give your bathroom a new lease of life with a well-chosen new bathroom vanity. It can go a long way, with little effort and time, to bring an updated, fresh look to the bathroom.

How to Plan and Budget for Your Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation Plan


Bathrooms are quite rightly a focal point in many homes when it comes to renovation. They are one of the most used rooms in the house so more people are making the time to design the right bathroom for their needs. Using a professional can be very expensive, but it is possible to do a lot of the work yourself. Of course you will need a few extra muscles and hands to help you out.

But a trap to look out for, that many people fall into when doing the work themselves, is going way over the budget. Take the time to plan and budget properly for your bathroom renovation and stick to it. Keep going back to the plan and budget and checking that you are on track and not heading for an overspend.

Bathroom Renovation Plan


A well thought out plan is the biggest key to staying within your budget when fixing up your bathroom. Check your finances and see how much money you can afford to spend on your bathroom renovation before buying one thing.

It’s better to budget too high and end up with money left over than to plan a budget too low and end up spending more money than you could afford.

Measure the bathroom and see what you have to work with. You want to measure the area carefully and buy cabinetry, sinks, and tubs that fit into the space perfectly. There are many digital measuring devices now that will help you with measurements.

Start out with a list or rough drawing of what you’re expecting to do with your bathroom. Are you looking for a different shower, tub or sink? Where do you plan on putting them? As much as possible try to use existing plumbing to keep costs down. Add these to your drawing to give an overall idea of where everything will fit.

Decide on whether you want to paint, wallpaper or tile. It might be that your existing walls are fine and only need a few extra touch ups. It is always a good idea to have a backup plan in case something doesn’t work in your original plan. Consider less expensive alternatives for all your fixtures, fittings and wall coverings.

Take your list or drawing along with you to the home improvement store. Compare prices of the items you’re looking to get. Check them out thoroughly to find the one you want at the best price. You might want to shop around online a bit as well, particularly at some of the marketplaces where people sell of unused and unwanted home materials.

Being flexible throughout the whole process is a good idea. That way you can take advantage of any unexpected bargains or ideas that come your way. You may have an original plan and then spot something else you like better – like a pedestal sink that’s cheaper than the one you originally were thinking of getting. Jot down all of the prices of the items you need, but don’t buy just yet!

Take a few paint or wallpaper swatches home with you. Check to see how they would look in your bathroom. Paint color in the store can look very different at your home, depending on lighting, so take the sample cards and see if your color choices will work in your bathroom.

Take a look at your figures and see how they fit into your budget. Did the figures go over budget or did they stay within the limits you set? You’ll need some breathing room within your budget to account for any unexpected items you end up needing, and of course, figure in the taxes of the items you plan to buy.

Once the idea is in place and you’re satisfied with the approximate cost of your plans, it’s time to start buying the items. Try to get everything you need before you start your renovation project, so that you can eliminate the need to run back and forth to the store to buy the things you have forgotten.

If you budget and plan well before the renovation starts, you can enjoy your dream bathroom while basking in the fact that you were able to achieve it within your set budget.

What You Need To Consider For A Bathroom Remodel Plan

Bathroom Remodel Plan

If you’ve decided it’s time to update your bathroom, there are a few things to keep in mind. The bathroom, after the kitchen, is one of the most used rooms of any home. It is important it suits your family’s needs, is highly functional and of course looks good.

Whether you’re planning to sell your home or it’s just time to give your family a more updated space, there are a few important decisions you should make for your bathroom remodel plan.

What is Going, What is Staying?

First up, what are you going to get rid of?

Bathroom Remodel PlanIs it a complete overhaul, or are just a few fixtures being updated. Is the reason you are remodeling because the fixtures are old and outdated? Or is there a specific area of the bathroom that doesn’t work for you?

Maybe the floor is outdated or peeling, or the mirrors are in inconvenient places, or you’d like to knock out a closet or install some shelving.

Before you start, pin down the exact things about your bathroom that need work. Don’t immediately assume you need to overhaul the entire room. You may be able to save yourself big bucks by starting with the problem areas.

If your bathroom seems too small, you might not need to tear out a wall. Maybe you just need a pedestal sink instead of a cabinet one. Think about all these things and start making a list of what will be changed.

Measure and Plan

If your decision is to overhaul the entire bathroom and start from scratch, start thinking about what’s going to replace the current fixtures.

Get out the tape measure and size things up. Measure the tub, sink and toilet as well as the size of the room. This will help you draw out a plan for the ‘new’ bathroom and map out replacements. Make sure to measure replacements as you look at them too to make sure they will fit.

Keep in mind that you might not be able to fit in everything you want. While a claw foot tub might be on your wish list, if your bathroom is too small for anything but a tub that fits closely into the wall, it’s not going to work.

Draw lots of diagrams, move things around and get it to so they will fit. But keep in mind that the layout of a bathroom is fairly limited. The water pipes only come out of the walls in certain places, which means your toilet and shower will need to stay where they are. You can start to tear up walls and plumbing which will open up other options, but this will add to the cost of the remodel.

Shop For New Items

Once you’ve got a plan, the easiest part is deciding on what new items to buy. There are always new innovations coming onto the market that make bathrooms even more practical than before.

For example, if you haven’t had a new toilet in awhile, you should consider a low-flow toilet. They are great for saving on water bills and do the job just as well. Not only will you save on your utilities bill, but fittings like this are a huge plus to potential buyers.

Bathroom Safety

Bathroom safety should be top of the remodel list as well. Even if you don’t think you need them, handles around the tub and non-slip floor coverings make the bathroom much safer. Many older bathrooms are lacking in safety features like these. For a little extra cost, they will add to your home’s value.

Remodeling your bathroom is a big job that needs to be thought out and planned. Whether you’re doing it to sell your home or just to improve it for your family, make sure to consider the aspects of space, safety, and convenience.

The bathroom is an important room in the house that you spend a lot of time going in and out of. Make it beautiful, make it comfortable and make it safe.